Saturday, March 2, 2013

March 3, 2013

I have found the next amazing shirt to add to my closet and my next project in one! I wonder how many I can make for this spring and summer? Part of the appeal of this top is the is the bohemian touch of crochet. Leave it to designer Drew Emborsky also known as The Crochet Dude to create something so appealing. Haveing spotted this style in the mall and online I knew this was something that I not just wanted but truly needed, in that way that only someone female can understand. Now I can make as many as I want (trip to the fabric store!) and the pattern and instructions are free!

The instructions and pattern are easy to follow even for those who are new to sewing/crochet. You are cutting strips of the fabric to crochet together and adding elastic for the waist. I do not have all of the tools that he he recommends in his instructions but it is very easy to work around. Can't wait to update you on my new top!

The Crochet Dude has placed a lint to this pattern on Ravelry for those who use this amazing site at but the free pattern and direction are on Jo Ann Fabrics website at

Here is a link to The Crochet Dude's website and to his facebook page .