Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Purses for you to make!

I found 26 purses and wallets that I love that include patterns and tutorials for free!




Thursday, April 25, 2013

Swimsuits for you to make!


1. This link takes you to three amazing patterns that you can download for free for a woman's swimsuit. These include a one piece with a scoop neckline, a one piece that is strapless, and a one piece that has a lower cut on the thigh almost straight across.  These patterns are based on a size 10-12 and do not include construction instructions (rhymes!).


2. Next is a cute two piece that has a free pattern and tutorial. Reminds me of the bandeau style top.
on Sew Mama Sew. In depth tutorial included with beautiful pictures. I love the retro vibe of the bandeau top.
3. An adorable one piece that uses your measurements to draft a pattern perfect for you. I love the pattern that she used for suit, cute for any figure.
4. Here is a cute do it yourself two piece I love the twist on the top.
5. This pattern isn't free like the other but for the low price of $3 and the success rate of this suit I thought it was worth including. This isn't the easiest pattern so I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner but someone comfortable with sewing straight lines and ready to move to something new to test their skills this would be perfect. Clicking on the link will bring you to the pattern, instructions (11 pages! to make it easy), and pictures of suits other have made to give you plenty ideas.

Children's Suits

1.Girls one piece with adorable ruffle. Includes pattern and tutorial along with suggestions for finding fabrics and supplies. She also includes a tutorial for you to make your own pattern if you do not want to use this one.
2. The next one is a free pattern remake for boy's swimming trunks. These are in size 2T-3T and include a link for a pants/shorts pattern. But following the tutorial you could make these from any shorts or pants pattern you might already have. Or pick up a pair of shorts in the right size at the thrift store take them apart and make your own pattern.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Home Made Sweet Tarts

I personally love the internet everything you ever wanted to know how to make you can find. I love candy I have a well developed sweet tooth but I always wonder why so many extra things are added that I have to use my previous chemistry knowledge from college and homeschooling to decipher.

That leads to this amazing recipe that I found online today for.....Sweet Tarts! I am so excited I even have the citric acid the recipe calls for from a science experiment my son did for high school. We purchased the citric acid we have from amazon but I think I have seen it in the spice section at the grocery store too. If I remember correctly he needed a large amount so we had to purchase a bigger bottle than the store had.

On the website listed you can download the recipe to keep a copy on your computer. Don't forget to check out her other candy recipes too!
Homemade Sweet Tarts
1/4 c. clear soda (Blue Sky, Cream Soda, Sierra Mist, 7-UP)
3/4 t. gelatin
3-4 c. powdered sugar, plus more for rolling
2 t. citric acid

Flavored extracts
Food coloring
1/2 t. each of lemon and orange zest - optional

In a small non-reactive bowl combine gelatin and soda. After about 5 minutes, set the bowl over a pot of simmering water to dissolve the gelatin completely - until you can't see any granules. Remove from heat.
Using a hand or stand mixer - mix 1/2 c. powdered sugar and the citric acid into the gelatin mixture. Keep adding the powdered sugar 1/2 cup at a time until you have stiff fondant-like dough. It will be somewhat sticky. Turn dough out onto a work surface covered with powdered sugar. Knead until dough is less sticky and can be easily rolled with a rolling pin.

This is the basic recipe. Now you can add what ever flavorings and colors you wish

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Warning about extracts for baking

Last night my little guy drank an entire bottle of almond extract. As I spoke with the nicest guy from Poison Control (1-800-222-1222, http://www.poison.org/actFast/1800.asp) I kept wondering how I hadn't noticed how much alcohol those little bottles have. The one my son drank was 53% alcohol for the 1oz bottle. I was in shock. Not that we are extremely conservative but we don't drink (we have 4 kids no time for drinking!). So I had never thought of alcohol in the home as being a problem. But holy smokes 53% alcohol content in 1oz. Isn't that more than a shot of alcohol?

 Luckily for us one bottle isn't enough for alcohol poisoning. It is enough that we had to worry about a drop in blood sugar so kool aid drinking was a free for all last night. Than there was the erratic behavior last night caused no doubt from the alcohol until he went from awake to asleep. I am talking weird behavior. The poor guy at one point stood on the back of a computer chair on one leg. I am glad he is coordinated but my husband and I were worried that before he passed out he was going to seriously injure himself. Than I had to check him every 30 minutes while he was asleep to make sure that he was responsive. Today I went through my cupboards and moved spices to a top shelf on a book shelf and went ahead and got rid of the vanilla extract too. After all if he would drink almond extract who knows what else he might try to eat or drink.

Thought this might be a good warning to check out your baking goods too. We thought we were good since we have child safety gadgets, clean w vinegar and baking soda, have laundry detergent up high, etc. Nope almond extract got us. I am sill in shock over the 53% alcohol content and what a 4yo is willing to drink. He told me it smelled awful and tasted yucky but he wanted to drink it anyway because it was by the cookie decorations. I don't remember ever seeing this particular warning in any of the baby or toddler books that I have read either. Hope this helps so no one else has to go through this type of night!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring into Superhero Time

My boys love to be superheroes, these can be well known good guys such as Spiderman, Captain America, the Red Ranger or made up ones such as Super Hero Spy who also happens to be a lion and can perform magic. Whoever they are for the day they love to dress up in swirly capes complete with masks. I however do not really like buying these accessories but prefer to make them to each boys unique style. I am always on the look out for tutorials, patterns, and ideas to make them. Happy Creating!

Here is a listing of some of my favorites:

She includes a link for the pattern she used and a step by step tutorial for creating these gems from craft felt.
Here is a no sew tutorial for a super hero cape. It uses 1-1 1/2 yds. of knit fabric and a ribbon. I think I would change this one just a little by tying a knot in the ribbon at each side so it didn't pull out and instead of tying the ribbon I would attach Velcro on each side so I wouldn't worry about choking.
Here is a super easy pattern to knit a super hero hat perfect for winter and summer fun. Includes a tutorial. Perfect for a beginner too, knit in an easy rectangle and mattress stitched together.
She has amazing templates for superhero logos! She created them for the above bins but they could be attached to capes, t shirts, hoodies, jeans, and more.
Another of my favorite blogs featured this easy to make cape complete with tutorial and free pattern for sizes 2-6. She uses Velcro for easy closing and choke free fear (I always worry about this with things that tie on, could be because I have 4 boys and the things that I have seen them do give me the occasional nightmare).
Here is a site with amazing easy to follow face painting ideas for your superheroes.
Easy and inexpensive Jedi costume. May the Force Be With You
I know that I have more on my Pinterest page http://pinterest.com/zeltza/4-boys/

Computer Tech for Magic Valley

I know the most amazing person who will work on desktop or laptop computers for an extremely reasonable price. Have a network that needs to be tweaked or set up? Think you may have a virus? Are you looking for a computer that can handle gaming w a great video card but really don't want to pay retail? Need the keyboard on your laptop replaced? Can't get your wireless printer on the network?

He has done all of this and more for my family and we haven't had to rob the bank to afford it. Every desktop in our house was built by him for the gamers in our family. Our older laptop that the littlest one had pulled the keys off of replaced. Oldest son visiting questionable sites and getting a virus cleaned. He even set up a way to shut the network down at a certain time of the night so everyone goes to sleep. LOL He can come to your home pick up the computer to repair.

If you are in need of this type of service call Clayton Shaffer at 208-736-5054 for the Magic Valley area.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

HomeMade Lemon Facial

I saw this pinned today and could not resist sharing! Easy to create for a quick pick me up or a spa day. This easy potion can brighten the skin, smoothing and assisting with skin discoloration from redness to age spots. The alpha hydroxy in the vitamin c from the lemon juice gives the skin a quick pick me up and boosts cell production. The sugar provides a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and any remaining dirt and oil from cleaning. This may be my new favorite post!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Knit Your Favorite Little One a Buddy!

I love this pattern, one for boys and one for girls. You could even use the pattern for the boys clothes in more feminine colors to create a second winter outfit for the girl doll. It would be extremely easy to create features with embroidery or use felt pieces.
My 7yo son would like me to make one in disco colors! He wants each sleeve in a different color, a blue striped shirt, and green pants. LOL
I am thinking about up two of these little guys for my 4yo birthday in June. One for each boy. The perfect bedtime toy to cuddle!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Boys Tank Top Free Pattern!

Check out what I found today! In sizes 12 months to 5 a free tank pattern from my favorite children's designer FISHSTICKS DESIGNS ! I am already lucky enough to own a few of her fabulous patterns for my two boys who are 4 and 7 and wear a 5 and an 8. The patterns are easy to follow and include a complete tutorial with pictures that I definitely need sometimes. She will also answer any questions that you have by email. Yes I have emailed her before and her response was extremely quick and easy to follow.
I have created t-shirts and pants from her patterns and the boys love them. They have been extremely fun to personalize. My latest creation of her Inside or Out Pocket Pants have superhero (Avengers!) fabric for pockets.
I check her blog often for design and sewing tips. Her blog is one of the only that I have been able to find that not only features amazing everyday patterns for boys but does this from infant to size 12. Most sites that with pattens for boys seem to stop at size 5. Great while they are little but you are left out in the cold once they start school.
You can only imagine my excitement that she is offering a free pattern for tank tops! Just in time for the weather to change and meet our expectations need for Spring! Last week we enjoyed balmy temperatures in the 70's, kids playing outside, garden planting, barbecues, and in general sitting outside to enjoy the sun. The pattern can be found on her blog or at the above link which allows you to save the pattern to your computer to use when you need it. I think this would be a fun way to recycle adult tshirts and using felt create superhero characters or small motifs such as Mom's Catch of the Day with a little fish.
Have fun coming up with creative uses for this pattern!