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I have been searching for a way to make a stick horse that isn't uhmmm too hard for a while. I wanted something that would be easy enough I wouldn't look at the instructions and just give up, walk away, and never want to try again. LOL
 At craft shows I see the most amazing stick horses but they also come with the most amazing price tags ...... I think my children are worth the price tag but my bank account and my husband like to argue with me.
I have finally found the easiest tutorial and explanation on making these stick wonders. The creator of this tutorial made them for a birthday party! As I tried to wrap my brain around this idea and the sheer amount of work involved I became convinced that she should win a prize for greatest mother ever. And another prize for helping moms everywhere finally make their own stick horse!
My littlest guy turns 5 in a couple weeks and he and his brother will be getting these! Now where to hide them while I work on them?

Sock Snake Tutorial
I finally found a tutorial that will help to use up the basket of socks that is multiplying on my dryer. Mismatched, no match, and outgrown children's socks have it filled to the brim with a few falling out and over the sides. I didn't want to just toss them away. Now I am glad I held on to all of those persistent socks! Now I can turn them into giant, as long as I want, SNAKES!

I have two little guys and 3 big guys in my life that I need to find things to make for Christmas. I can see two long snakes on Christmas morning slithering down the stairs or draped on the Christmas tree with bright bows. I imagine they will become favorites for bed and couch snuggles or even as curled up pillows.

She has a complete tutorial that features step by step pictures from cutting the socks to attaching the tongue

Make your own Sock Monkey Family

My little guy will be turning 8 in a couple of weeks and I needed a couple new ideas for birthday presents for him. While searching online for something you could make for a boy not involving weapon creation I found this amazing blog and tutorial. I can't wait to create an entire family for him and his little brother to play with (info on making larger and smaller monkeys is in the tutorial).

The stripes on these guys give them a nice modern twist. I think I may stock up on stripes and furry socks to create this family of monkeys. She has other tutorials for a cat and a bunny that you can make from socks too. I bet the cat would be extra cute with a fuzzy sock!

Here is today's link:


I love this pattern, one for boys and one for girls. You could even use the pattern for the boys clothes in more feminine colors to create a second winter outfit for the girl doll. It would be extremely easy to create features with embroidery or use felt pieces.


My 7yo son would like me to make one in disco colors! He wants each sleeve in a different color, a blue striped shirt, and green pants. LOL


I am thinking about up two of these little guys for my 4yo birthday in June. One for each boy. The perfect bedtime toy to cuddle!
How cute are these little cubes, great for juggling, bean bag contests, or for little ones.

A tutorial and patterns for soft bunnies and letters! Too cute I really thing making both for an Easter basker would be too cute!

How cute are these?

Check out this cute marble book idea! What a perfect quiet book.

Make my olwn flip chair? Amazing!

Check out this cute felt rabbit!

DIY Sock Stick Horses Tutorial from The Country Chic Cottage @countrychiccott

I love stick horses for little ones and easy to make projects. This tutorial combines both in one. Using a men's sock, a Styrofoam ball, large key rings (I purchased at Krengel's True Value where I work)and a dowel this guy can clip clop his (or her) way into your little one's heart.

The tutorial is detailed in the best way with step by step directions and a photo of each step. One of the best Stick Horse tutorials I have seen

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