Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013 Easter!

I can not believe how close Easter is! I usually have all of my Easter shopping down to the menu planned out and finished by now. I suppose this year I am going for the wing it variety. Feeling the pressure today! I haven't purchased any candy at all yet. I did manage a run this weekend to the dollar store and picked up a couple buckets and shovels and those long water squirters that the kids love. A month ago I purchased 2 Leapfrog Explorers that will also go into the baskets. Not sure after all that there should even be candy! I checked out a couple stores for prices a couple weeks ago and had to sit down. Thinking about buying normal non Easter candy to fill the eggs. Maybe a trip to Winco to purchase candy from the bulk bins with the smartees etc. I did decide not to make the oldest two baskets this year. Have to wait and see if I hold out on that decision though. LOL

I have found a couple very cute knitted and sewn bunnies for the Easter basket that do not look like they would take a lot of time to make:

I think these are extremely cute and would make cute gifts for the adults in your life too! They take a very small amount of yarn and would be adorable in bright colors.
This is an adorable link for a tiny chick similar to the bunnies above it.
Here is a free pattern for a knit bunny!
This would be so cute poking up out of the basket! This is a free pattern and tutorial and calls for a very small amount of felt. I am thinking about trying it with some flannel scraps that I have though to make it extra snuggly. On this blog she teaches her daughters to sew using this pattern!
Here is another quick and easy bunny to make with a cute egg to put him in. I could see stuffing him with rice too as a hand warmer.......
For more Easter ideas go to my Pinterest page at
Let me know what great ideas for Easter you have!

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