Thursday, March 28, 2013

mousepad tutorial

This is something that everyone in my family is in desperate need of......we are mousing (is that a word?) on pads that are peeling and curling at the edges.When you have avid gamers in the house this can be an issue. I hear complaints about the mouse hitting the sides and something about clicks per minute? Wait that might be on the keyboard. Needless to say a mouse pad that is in good shape is a necessity even for those of us who primarily browse online and use their computer for communication like facebook or blogs. LOL

I hate those plain grey pads you can purchase for a whopping 5 bucks (sometimes less sometimes more). But to get anything remotely attractive that isn't a puppy or kitty you are looking at a starting price of around $20. I love the idea of choosing my own fabric to match each member of my family. I also think this is a great gift idea.

In the tutorial she uses scrap fabric and .......TA DA ..........shelf liner! How brilliant is that! She has test "driven" her pad for 3 months without any issues. I am going to try this myself today I have been without a pad on my desk for the last month and it does effect how the mouse works. My husband had to break into his "collector" edition of World of Warcraft and is using the mouse pad that was included. This is a quick and inexpensive fix for both of us. The other thing I like is that I can make mouse pads for each laptop that my two youngest use and create something that my two oldest will use without grumbling. With this idea I won't be grumbling about the cost for something that isn't a solid blur of grey.

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