Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sock Snake Tutorial

I finally found a tutorial that will help to use up the basket of socks that is multiplying on my dryer. Mismatched, no match, and outgrown children's socks have it filled to the brim with a few falling out and over the sides. I didn't want to just toss them away. Now I am glad I held on to all of those persistent socks! Now I can turn them into giant, as long as I want, SNAKES!

I have two little guys and 3 big guys in my life that I need to find things to make for Christmas. I can see two long snakes on Christmas morning slithering down the stairs or draped on the Christmas tree with bright bows. I imagine they will become favorites for bed and couch snuggles or even as curled up pillows.

She has a complete tutorial that features step by step pictures from cutting the socks to attaching the tongue

Can't wait to find more crafty presents to feature and next week I will start with Halloween tutorials from all over the web! Sign up to have them delivered straight to your email.

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