Friday, March 15, 2013

Cute things to knit alert! Weekend is here!

First off here is one of the cutest purses ever! This is the perfect spring purse! I get tired of trying to clean what I will term "kid goo" off of all of my belongings. Sigh. With this purse you get something beautiful and something that after a day out with the kids to the park, lunch, zoo, museum, etc that can easily be thrown into the wash! Ta dah! No more questionable sticky areas or discolored "things" on your purse. (My favorite conversation is "Why did you wipe that on me!", followed by the child in questions blank look) .
You could make the straps longer to lay across body too in a messenger bag style. This is my favored way to use my purse so when little hands grab on the purse and little person do not immediately hit the ground. LOL

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