Saturday, March 23, 2013

March 26

I can not believe Easter is in a week! Later today I will post all of the exciting Easter Egg Hunts that I have found!

Today is a busy day I have the Spring Craft Fair to go to. Can't wait to see what everyone has created and to bid on Ninja cupcakes! The boys want to visit the Easter bunny at the Magic Valley Mall. Of course that means a trip through Crazy 8 and Children's Place for me! Going to check out Hot Topic too as my oldest turns 22 on the 5th.....

I also found an amazing list of 100 days of crock pot meals made without processed food at . She and her husband have an amazing blog about saving money that has definitely helped me out with ways to cut in the spending department.

Have a great day while it is still Sunny in S. Idaho! Who knows it may snow or hail by the end of the day but I am hoping to get in a walk at Frontier Park w the boys first. They love all of the exercise equipment along the trail.

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