Friday, June 28, 2013

Make Your Own Statue of Liberty Crown and Torch!

I have been trying to explain the meaning of the Fourth of July to my two youngest. What  The Declaration of Independence is and why it was important for us as a country. But finding things that are hands on for someone who just turned 5 and 7 has been hard. I can usually come up with an idea but keep drawing a blank for this one. Turns out the kids do not know who John Hancock is and weren't very interested.

I was so excited to find this blog with an amazing idea while I sat down tonight after putting them to bed. This was something big (a very large statue with a crown) that the kids could recognize! Easy to put together from paper plates and cardboard tubes. On my day off this weekend I may organize my two and the neighborhood kids to spend an hour or less putting these together. I am not going to promise how long they will be Statue of Liberty pieces before they morph into superheros but it should be fun....

Here is the link:

Happy 4th of July


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