Friday, March 8, 2013

Becalm from Berroco

Just found the cutest spring or fall sweater pattern from Berroco knits. What makes this pattern amazing? The sleeves! They have the cutest fall from shoulder to waist. I love that you could alter this pattern to leave out the stripes on the sleeves to make them solid, put in a second yarn w glitter, and I am feeling excited here, what about eyelash yarn!

The basic thing that I would change is to make the sweater longer. I am not really a layer kind of gal.  I want to put on one shirt and be done. I don't know if this is because I feel that I have about 30 seconds to pick out clothing and put them on before something breaks in the house. When you have all boys or even girls I imagine the thought of choosing layering pieces is more than can be handled. I need something that isn't going to consume lots of time.

Which brings me back to this pattern! This would be comfortable enough to wear at home, easy to wear out shopping or running errands without looking like sweat pant mom. You could easily wear this to work and look amazing or on a night out. I am loving this pattern! Now to make one, hmmm, yarn yarn yarn. What color to go with? Blues or greens?

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