Sewing tutorials and Remakes!

Empire Waist Pattern
I am in love with this shirt. I am going to try to make this out of flannel. I know weird idea but I love flannel! And I do not have a good cotton right now but I really want this shirt anyway. LOL Complete pattern and tutorial!
Can you believe this is made from a pillowcase!
Another pattern and tutorial on making a bra out of satin material. May never have to purchase a bra again. Sounds weird but we all know that the store bra never fits quite right. Maybe it pinches here, gaps there, or the straps don't quit adjust or stay in place. Now you can make your own and adjust the pattern to fit you exactly. I am thinking about a bra heaven. Really.

Here is tutorial with a pattern for the bra that matches the one for underwear. Yep life is getting cheaper and prettier. This is cheaper than wading than through the clearance rack!

I will keep looking for more patterns to make life easier and better looking by posting more tutorials and patterns for "intimate apparel" as I find them under the page link for sewing tutorials and remakes.
Underwear how to with a pattern!
Here is a one that contains a pattern.

Score! Now you can make your underwear to fit your style! A full tutorial with pictures! The tutorial teaches you how to make your own undergarments based on a pair that you already own. Of course if you are in the midst of changing sizes this might be of much help so I am still looking for more free tutorials for this!
No picture on this cute skirt for me to post. There is one on the link. This is a cute skirt that she made from a sheet!
No picture on this one but she shows you how to use a plain tee and a bit of scrap knit fabric to create a bow with trailing ends that drapes over the shoulders. Very cute.
Check out this cute t shirt remake!
How to make tabs on your clothings (sleeves on a t shirt?) to make them exciting!
Make a cut tunic out of a short dress!
Yep remake for that plain cardigan.
How to take that cute little short dress and make it better.
No picture, sorry! This is an easy tutorial that uses an old t shirt to make a cute baseball hat! Could use this to make hats for the whole family too.
Get out your fabric paints and scraps on this t shirt remake!
Tutorial showing how to get rid of that gap between the back of your pants and you. She calls this tutorial "Crack Kills".
Remake an old tee into something new!
clever way to store your needles
Found this cute pattern for Star! Uses almost 2 yrds of fabric total...
Oh yes she shows you how to make your own ruched sleeve t shirt. Very very nice.
Use an old sweater make yourself an adorable scarf!

This may be my next project!
Who doesn't want a purse as cute as this! Not only is the pattern free but she includes an extensive tutorial that explains each step in detail.
I have always wanted a cute little purse but I really hate the price of them. Now I can make them to my heart's content!

Here is another easy to do tutorial that takes minimal sewing skills and has a free pattern! Love that this is made w the yoga waist you could wear this skirt on a lovely spring day, hot summer when you wonder why there isn't any rain, lovely fall when it finally hits the cool 70 degrees that you have been waiting for, and paired w stretch pants into the winter. Love an everyday skirt!

So you want a little more pizazz on that plain tee you picked up on clearance from Target? Here you go, she has two different ideas and shows you how.

One of the cutest tshirt remakes I have ever seen! All you need are 2 tshirts or tanks....

Check out how cute! She cut out three simple rectangles to make this adorable skirt!

I don't know if you have noticed but I absolutely love her website and follow her on a regular basis. She is absolutely amazing! This is another tutorial for a simple and cute skirt.
Have you seen anything cuter than this circle skirt? I may be in love. Uses only 1yd of fabric, for girls a 2 in elastic for the waist, and for grown ups a 3 in elastic for the waist. She recommends using a light wait fabric to keep from looking bigger at the hip line. She is obviously thinking of the important things in life.
How to use an old sweater to make a cardigan. Uses bias tape and fusible web tape. Very stylish.
I love the idea for this tutorial because now you with it you can finally wear those dresses and skirts that looked super cute in the store but when they came home you realized maybe they were shorter than you realized. She walks you through re purposing a thrift store slip to an amazing slip you can wear under your skirts and dresses!

This is a very cute w pattern tutorial on making this adorable dress. You can see her extender slip in the picture! Who doesn't love her tutorials!

How to make a pair of jeans into maternity jeans! Brilliant!

And a tutorial on making a stunning dress using a t-shirt for a pattern! Love it..
This tutorial includes the pattern that you can print for this tshirt!
very cute skirt tutorial
Super cute make it from scratch cardigan!
Check it out another cardigan!
A tutorial and pattern for a basic tee! She can make everything!
My favorite cardigan tutorial is this boyfriend one!


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