Tuesday, June 25, 2013

4th of July Fun in a Jar!

4th Of July Mason Jar

I have been looking for something special to make for my family for a while. We really don't have a lot of traditions that surround the fourth other than watching the fireworks. As parents with full time jobs we usually end up working all day, rushing through dinner, sitting around, and finally packing everyone in the car for fireworks.

I love this jar idea! I can pack a bunch of great things for the kids to do during the day to help build their excitement for the end. The dollar store would be a great stop for the jar and a few goodies. I  think I may grab sunglasses, juice, hats, sidewalk chalk, flags, beaded necklaces, and more.

I also like the idea of throwing in a couple mini books or printed worksheets in the jar that have some background on why we celebrate this holiday. I think it would be nice to point out that it isn't just a summer holiday where we watch fireworks but an actual celebration of American History.

This would make a great party favor for adults too! Who wouldn't be excited to go to a great barbecue and get something packed with fun to take home or use that night.

I think this would make a cute decoration filled with red, blue, and white candy in stripes on picnic tables topped with a star.

Have a great 4th!

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