Thursday, May 23, 2013

Shorts for Your Favorite Little Guy!!

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This is a step by step tutorial on taking an old dress shirt and creating  extreme shorts for your little guys!
It is so hard to find ways to stretch a dollar when you have boys. There are tons of tutorials for little girls including making a dress from a pillowcase! Whenever I find something useful for boys I get so excited.....that might be because I only have boys....but still I get excited to know that here is something I can make and not break the bank.
Even if your significant other doesn't have a shirt that he is willing to let you cut up there are always thrift stores and garage sales to check out. Let's face it any pair of shorts this cute less than twenty bucks is exciting. And we all want our little guys to look stylish. I know when I get to the store and start checking price tags I start doing the math and my pulse goes up. When you have to purchase 5 pairs + each season for more than one little person let's face it the price tag isn't all that reasonable for a family.
This is why I love DIY ideas like this! You get to use your creative side and save money while creating something that your family needs. This tutorial is step by step with pictures and perfectly timed as Spring heats up. See you at garage sales this weekend!

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