Thursday, May 9, 2013

Candy Jar for Mom

Mike and Ike Lemonade Blends Homemade Mothers Day Gift Idea: Spring Mason Jar Candy Holder

She doesn't give detailed instructions for making this adorable jar on the website but leaves it to your imagination.

For those of us who need a few more ideas on how to get started here is what I was thinking:

1) You are going to need something to use as a jar. This could be a mason jar like the one the picture, one that is being recycled, a plastic container from the dollar store, or even something from the thrift store. Make sure to wash and dry first. If you use a recycled jar try covering the lid with a piece of fabric.

2) You will need a bright candy you could try lemonade mikes (in the picture), dum dum suckers, candy bracelets, gumballs, whatever you think will look colorful in the jar. You could also fill with bath salts or something else that mom will love.

3) You are in need of silk or pretend flowers that are willing to pop the heads off of. Maybe you have something in the house already or you may want to run to the local craft or dollar store to purchase something. If you do not want to use the flowers you could substitute with something else.

4) You will need felt or a stiff fabric to cut up to make flower shapes or even butterflies for this project. Could substitute a craft paper or construction paper.

5) You will need a piece of ribbon or string.

6) Last but not least you will need glue. I think I would use a hot glue gun or some type of craft glue but not school glue to hold everything together.

Have fun and remember when crafting with little people it doesn't have to be perfect!

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