Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Secret Book to Make for Father's Day June 16th!


I thought we might want to get a head start on Father's Day this year. This book is perfect for the geeky at heart dad who loves all things hidden with a slight twist.

This how to shows how this blogger took a paper Mache hollow book from Michaels and created this secret sinister book. The front was created with tissue paper, hot glue, hemp and wire pieces.

Who isn't slightly geeky at heart and wouldn't love the inside of this book.The inside she created using sculpey, cardboard, felt, and leather straps. I think that if there was something that your "Dad" would love more on the inside this would be easy to reimagine. For the artist you could put tubes of paint and paint brushes. The gamer could have a strap for maps and character sheets and a small built in bag for his dice. The video gamer could have a secret place for that favorite controller that he wants to keep out of little sticky hands! The ideas are endless with this tutorial.....

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