Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother's Day Projects!

I love Mother's Day! The whole idea of celebrating your mom or yourself seems to me to be something that we need that yearly reminder to do. Being a mom is an amazing journey that teaches and gives back to us with each day. Knowing that your mom is just a phone call away and will stay on the phone even if she can't understand you through your tears is an amazing gift that your mom gives. For those who do not have this type of mom it is a blessing to know that you can be that type of mom when your child reaches for you. For me the celebration can be simple with the kids just climbing in bed to cuddle or a quick call that reminds me someone loves me and remembers that I love violets.
The important thing to remember regardless of the type of gift that you choose for Mother's Day is too make it something important to you that you can share with your Mom. Even if you are making the gift for yourself with your little people let them know that this is you celebrating the fact that you have that child in your life and you couldn't be happier that you received the sticky kiss with the handprint.
This is a very simple bracelet that takes easy to find items to create and whips up quickly. Quick and still amazing enough to grace the arm of your mom (or yourself).
Super cute and easy spa gift to make for your mom. Includes the pattern and tutorial for the eye mask and for the grapefruit coconut scrub.
This is an adorable idea to make with the kids. I think I would write the child's name on each bloom and the date curling around the ribbon. This would be a cute way to remember their little hands
Her is another cute item the kid's can make for mom or grandma. I love the footprint butterfly!
How cute would these be in a vase that the kids hand painted?
This is a cute tutorial to make the fingerprint pendant. I wonder if you could use embossing powder to bring out the fingerprint?
This would be cute for mom set up next to her breakfast plate for that yummy breakfast in bed.
This is too cute, mom pulls on the string and the flower blooms!
This has a step by step tutorial with pictures to make the process easier!
How cute would this be for a mom or dad?
There wasn't a tutorial on the site I found this picture but I think if you measured a book to get the correct size of the triangle you would need to cut the two main pieces from felt and sew together. You could use a small piece of scrap fabric with a picture to decorate, do a crazy design with your sewing machine all over the felt, or even let a little person glue buttons to it.
Cute tutorial on using wax paper for a stencil. You could paint anything you wanted on the doormat a one liner, a single word, a symbol such as a pawprint or knitting needles. Whatever mom really likes to make it personalized. I wouldn't put a name on it though. I remember reading on a police officer's blog once that having your name on the house helps people to break in or identity theft something like that.
I would love to have these at my house. In this picture she used paint cans for the bird feeders but I think it would be just as easy to use a tin can that you are recycling.
This link contains a couple tutorials and pictures for easy to make wind chimes.
A very easy to follow tutorial on how to make your own lamps using hemp and a ball. This would be a nicer surprise for mom than another porcelain bell. And you can just imagine mom telling all of her friends how gifted you are that you made this light just for her.
loomless woven rag rug
This is a cute tutorial on using old sheets to make a cute rag rug.
How to make your own canvas prints. What mom wouldn't swoon over this gift?

This is a great tutorial for making a terrarium using succulents in  containers without lids. This would be an easy and quick project for kids to help with!

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