Monday, April 15, 2013

Computer Tech for Magic Valley

I know the most amazing person who will work on desktop or laptop computers for an extremely reasonable price. Have a network that needs to be tweaked or set up? Think you may have a virus? Are you looking for a computer that can handle gaming w a great video card but really don't want to pay retail? Need the keyboard on your laptop replaced? Can't get your wireless printer on the network?

He has done all of this and more for my family and we haven't had to rob the bank to afford it. Every desktop in our house was built by him for the gamers in our family. Our older laptop that the littlest one had pulled the keys off of replaced. Oldest son visiting questionable sites and getting a virus cleaned. He even set up a way to shut the network down at a certain time of the night so everyone goes to sleep. LOL He can come to your home pick up the computer to repair.

If you are in need of this type of service call Clayton Shaffer at 208-736-5054 for the Magic Valley area.

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