Thursday, February 28, 2013

A T Shirt Tutorial for Children!

I absolutely love the following tutorial for short sleeved t-shirts from Dana Made It. I have decided to reuse old tshirts to be more thrifty and green. Looking through the pile of "What! It doesn't fit?" I found a couple World of Warcraft tees that my husband no longer wears. These will be perfect to remake to fit the youngest 2 boys. I can't wait to see how excited they are going to be to finally have their own WOW t-shirts. Pictures coming soon!

You can find the pattern and tutorial here I think the most amazing part of this pattern is that you will be able to personalize for whatever your little person is the most into. I am thinking that you could applique felt monsters, dinosaurs, surf boards, birthday boy with age, astronauts and more. I can tell this is going to be my new go to pattern for summer and back to school. I bet by leaving off the sleaves you could make tanks for the summer too. My youngest currently loves Jack Frost from the movie Rise of the Gaurdians I could see using transfer paper to make him his own Jack t=shirt. I think I may become the boys new t-shirt designer!

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